The importance of healthy feet

Healthy feet are the foundation of a healthy body.
Functional feet improve your balance, posture and ability to move.
Unleash the potential of your feet and your body's ability.

Our feet are the point of contact between our body and the ground. If your feet lack strength, flexibility or balance, they will ask the rest of the body to work harder - this is compensation. These adaptations are likely to create pain in the joints of the lower limb or spine. And limitations in sports’ practise.

Joint and muscle pain

A foot in poor health will experience reduced mobility. This disturbed mechanics will force the skeleton to compensate. These adaptations gradually lead to excessive mechanical stress, which can lead to joint fatigue and pain. The same applies to our muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Problems with posture

Poorly balanced feet can affect the mobility of the whole body. As a result, stresses will always converge in the same places, which can lead to
chronic pain. For sportsmen and women, feet that are in good shape will help to stabilise them throughout their performance.

The benefits of natural footwear

Flexibility for movement!

The various muscles and joints of the foot give humans the ability to perform incredible movements. From simple everyday gestures to the greatest sporting records and gymnastic figures, the foot is the basis of movement.
A flexible shoe will allow your feet to move freely.

Foot-shaped for freedom!

To promote mobility, the foot should not be constrained in a narrow shoe.
Our minimalist shoes respect the shape of your feet, and are wider to release the foot's full potential.

Thin to heighten our senses!

A foot houses 200,000 nerves, and its sole has 7,200 nerve endings.
With our thin soles, 5 mm separates your feet from the planet.
Awaken your senses and explore the barefoot sensation in your Fleeters.

Flat for better posture!

Stay barefoot all day long in your Fleeters.
Regain your natural posture.
Boost your balance.

The importance of gradually transitioning

The human body is an incredible machine with a superpower: ADAPTATION.

However, like all superpowers, it can take a bit of time to learn how to use it. The human body is capable of adapting to all kinds of conditions: temperature, terrain, intensity or duration of effort. But this mechanism needs to be given time.

If your feet have been over-protected by cushioned shoes for years, they are likely to have lost strength, flexibility and become more sensitive.
So it's best to make a gentle transition to minimalist shoes.

Our partner THE FOOT COLLECTIVE invites you to discover the philosophy we share around foot health, which they have been working towards for a decade. Minimalist footwear will considerably improve your feet's capabilities, and if you manage to practise a few mobilisation exercises every day, these will increase tenfold. Download the e-book: A GUIDE TO FOOT FREEDOM now to make your transition a success and if you want to go further and start a programme to get your feet back in great shape, we're pleased to offer you the code FLEETERSTFC to get 10% off by following this link:

Never forget that nothing is as stable as change!